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Attendify is a web based application that allows attendees to view, manipulate and store information at a digital level. You can download the App from either Google Play of the App Store on your mobile device. There is a laptop/desktop version, however the social sharing modules do not work on that media. Here is the instructions, you will need a pass code to gain access, once you have registered you will be provided the code so you have access.

Also, new this year will be a Digital Ticket check-in process. Tickets can be obtained through the Event App from various areas; either from the home page “Get Tickets” button, “About” page Digital Tickets link or simply search “Tickets” on the NVHCA Attendify Event App.


For questions, issues, technical support, or other concerns please reach out to Dave at or by phone at 702.685.3909.

Attendify app is being used at the event you are attending, follow these instructions to join the event and access its schedule and other related information, and connect with other attendees:

  1. Download the “Attendify” app from the App Store or Google Play. If your device is running a different OS, please reach out to the event organizer to request access to the Web App.
  2. Open the app and sign up/log in, to create a profile, we recommend using the email address you registered for the event with. Upon sign up, Attendify will send you an email for verification. You will need to verify your email with Attendify, prior to searching for NVHCA/NVCAL & PDPM Spring Expo event.
  3. Search by the full name NVHCA/NVCAL Fall Convention to find the one you are looking for, or use Event Code fc2019 (all lower case). This is also the same if it asks for an access code.
  4. If you already joined an event, it will be visible on the home screen of the Attendify App under “Your Events” section, or you can quickly open the list of all events you joined from the side menu:
  5. On the event card, you can find the event’s date, location, and description. Tap join to access the event, see the full, up-to-date information and start interacting with other users.
  6. If you received the error message saying “Private Event” when joining an event, access to it is restricted. In this case, please reach out to the organizer of the event you are attending or event staff to request to grant you the access.

You are in now! Here is what you can do with the Attendify App:

  • Share photos, post messages, comment & like other users’ posts
  • @mention other attendees in your post and they will receive a notification about it
  • Cross-post to other social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Connect & network with other attendees
  • Send private messages
  • Save participants’ profiles as VCards to your phone
  • Take notes (you can #tag other attendees to document something about them)
  • Bookmark sessions, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees
  • Rate speakers and sessions, provide feedback & comments
  • Set scheduled reminders for sessions & create a personal schedule
  • Receive push notificationsfrom the event organizer
  • Vote in polls & view voting statistics
  • Access all event information (schedule, documents, maps, speaker bios)
  • Search attendees by “Interests


Provide us your feedback. Send a message of what you think in your Activity Stream or send comments to Dave at