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Community of NV Diagnostics
14 October
1 PM – 4:30 PM
Presentation Materials
BELTCA Approved #2769
NV Nursing Board Provider NV000578
“Trauma Informed Care & Vulnerability”
Rande Page, Alicia Scott and Mignon Redick
Topic Summary: Bringing trauma informed care back into view and stressing the importance of awareness when dealing with residents who have a history of trauma in the skilled nursing home setting.  Previously facilities were encouraged to increase understanding of trauma and gain insight into how to recognize symptomology and behaviors.  Further, skilled nursing staff were charged with recognizing how treating people who have experienced trauma requires an understanding of how it can manifest in order to provide a wholistic approach to healing and development of effective interventions.  With the cataclysmic effects of the pandemic, it has never been more important to develop a culture of trauma informed care.  What began as an acute traumatic event, is now a chronic traumatic occurrence that is effecting not only residents, but staff as well.  Developing a culture of understanding, empathetic insight and problem solving through education is crucial when caring for these residents and now uniquely crucial as a means to provide that same support to your team of care providers.
-The importance of seeing residents as unique individuals with unique and complex histories
-Creating a culture within the facility that embraces and understands a residents’ individual needs.
-Why adopting TIC positively impacts both residents and staff
-How today’s pandemic climate makes it even more crucial
“Detecting & Managing Anxiety in Today’s World”
Drs. Anthony Quinn & Kristi Kovacs, Jenny Laviolette and Bill Treese
Topic Summary: Anxiety is a normal human emotion. While normal levels of anxiety may prove beneficial in certain circumstances, anxiety can be debilitating especially in the post acute setting.  Targeting the biological, psychological, and social factors can offer restored functioning to many residents and satisfying lives.  Advancements in the treatment of anxiety disorders in the midst of the pandemic serve to bring hope and relief to the residents, and families, affected by these disorders.
– List the prevalence of anxiety and related disorders
– Identify comorbid psychiatric diagnoses
– Understand the impact of COVID on the elderly mental health
– Perform screening for anxiety disorders
– Understand general pharmacologic approaches to the treatment of anxiety disorders
“Inner State Wellness”
Jenny Laviolette
Topic Summary: This one-hour session will focus on self-compassion, empowered storytelling and connecting our behaviors and habits to our health. Discover skills that help us lean into difficult conversations and understand the power of our emotions during every interaction.
– Express core values
– Examine self-compassion
– Identify steps to deal with difficult emotion