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Resilience in Times of Uncertainty and Exhaustion
Paige Hector

Healthcare staff are experiencing unprecedented levels of pressure in these unimaginable and frightening circumstances of a pandemic. Staff are stressed not only at work but also at home and in their communities. When our stress response is on full alert at all times, we are at risk of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, or even collapse. This session is uniquely crafted as a visual experience, not a lecture with slides full of bullet-points. Participants will learn to identify their individual stress responses and learn techniques to shift to a place of calm, and to strengthen their resilience. Woven throughout the session are principles of trauma-informed care that staff can immediately apply to themselves, residents, and families. These are powerful principles in helping individuals in times of vulnerability and in challenging circumstances.

  1. Express and accept emotions and the body’s reaction to stress in the face challenge
  2. Recognize unintentional actions and thoughts that exacerbate stress and anxiety
  3. Ease the stress of work and home life through strategies that people can start using immediately to strengthen coping skills and build resilience
Environmental Services: A Vital Role in Infection Prevention
Cindy Fronning

With the onset of COVID-19 it has become abundantly clear how we need to take our environment very serious. We are all responsible for the environment but in the nursing home one department has been charged with that responsibility more than others: Environmental Services. This presentation will provide a look at this department and the huge role they play in infection prevention. Does your ESV staff know what order to put on PPE or take it off? How do they clean equipment that is used in a precaution room? How knowledgeable is your environmental staff when it comes to cleaning a precautions room or in doing terminal cleaning when the precautions are over? How much time are you spending on education regarding infection control? Is once enough? This presentation will answer these questions and more as well as give you tools to make this process easier. Join us and affirm what you are doing as well as identify areas that need improvement.

  1. Define the purpose of the infection prevention and control program
  2. Identify three policies and procedures that are needed for environmental services
  3. Outline when soap & water should be used instead of an alcohol-based gel or wipes
  4. List three principles of cleaning