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For anyone that missed the April in person training session or if you would like a refresher, AHCA has just released their VIRTUAL PDPM TRAINING session that you can purchase and take on your computer or other mobile device. Learn more ABOUT VIRTUAL PDPM TRAINING – PDPM FLYER 01.31

This training is available to AHCA SNF provider members only. The cost for the training – whether first time or repeated – is $350. The training has been approved for 8 NAB CE credits. View the VIRTUAL TRAINING AGENDA

NOTE: Members will need to login with their AHCA/NCAL usernames and passwords.  For assistance obtaining AHCA/NCAL usernames and passwords, please e-mail educate@ahca.org with your name and facility contact information.

The new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) for skilled nursing facilities begins October 1, 2019. The PDPM system will rely on more than 180 MDS item fields and completely transforms the existing system Medicare Part A payment system for skilled nursing facilities. Staff roles and facility processes must be substantially modified to operate effectively under PDPM.

AHCA’s Virtual PDPM Training prepares AHCA SNF members for PDPM and will mirror the in-person trainings that have been held for AHCA provider members in almost every state in recent months. The virtual training allows AHCA SNF members to learn about the critical steps necessary on the pathway to success under PDPM. Included with the virtual training is access to all materials on AHCA’s PDPM Academy. The PDPM Academy is where updates, tools, webinars and other supporting materials are housed. AHCA SNF members who attend the Virtual PDPM Training will also be able to join in free monthly PDPM Academy webinars hosted by AHCA.

With a little more than three months left before PDPM implementation, AHCA’s Virtual PDPM Training can set your facility up for success.