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Please fill out the training survey below. Your feedback is essential in refining the SUMMIT program into a viable training product. Thank you

19 Training Survey

  • Consider the ease, access, feedback, & acknowledgement of the registration, invoicing & payment process
  • Consider the type, volume, access, accuracy & consistency of the information
  • Consider the type, level, availability, access of material
  • Consider the location, parking, restrooms, break areas, cleanliness, staff friendliness, etc
  • Consider configuration, comfortableness of furniture, temperature, cleanliness, lighting, access to beverages, etc
  • Consider the duration, amount of time, materials, etc.
  • Consider the speaker’s knowledge base, experience, format, eye contact, body language, ability to answer questions, speaking volume, slides or other projection material, etc.
  • Consider the relevant, usefulness, quality & quantity of material and presentation.
  • Consider the totality of this training session
  • Add anything either about the training session or program.
  • Provide an endorsement comment about the training session that can be used in the Association social media